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Do you ever dream of writing for an audience of millions?

If you’re fitting writing in around the rest of your life (moms with screaming kids, we hear you!), actually getting - gasp - paid for your work probably sounds as achievable as a lottery win. You’re probably thinking:

“Finding time for career development - HA!”

“Finding people to pay for my work? Negotiating rates? I just have NO IDEA!”

“Even if I do manage to sneak a few precious moments, where would I start?”

...which is understandable! Life’s exhausting, thinking about a career is bewildering, and at the end of the week most of us just want to collapse on the couch with a cold glass of Chardonnay.

But if you’re already writing, chances are you’ve found a way to make time - because you love it. Here's the question though: is writing for peanuts (or worse, nothing at all!) fair on you?

Any of this sound familiar?
  • You know you’re good with words, but you often struggle to find readers
  • Your top blog posts attract comments, but you don’t get feedback on most of your content
  • You’ve found a niche you love, but it’s hard to stand out even in that small space
  • You’ve dreamt of the idea of part-time professional writing, but didn’t know where to begin

If you’re screaming “yes!” to one of more of the above, we’ve got some good news.


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If the leap from blogging for fun to making money from your writing seems more like an impossible Olympic long-jump, we’re here to help.

Breaking into Journalism is an online course taught by professional journalists that’s specifically designed to help talented writers move from hobby writing to freelance journalism.

We don't focus on writing skills, we focus on the business skills you'll need to make yourself an indispensable freelancer to any editor, securing high-paying commissions over and over again. These are skills that take years to learn – but Breaking into Journalism is your fast-track route to success.

If you’ve always thought “I could do this professionally, if only I had some time to learn how!”, you’re exactly the kind of person we’re thinking of – and we’ve designed this program to be mindful of your time from beginning to end.

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Audio-first lectures

All of the units are designed audio-first, so you won’t be tied to the computer and can complete the lectures in the car, at the gym, doing some chores or anywhere else you can squeeze in a few minutes.

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Coursework feedback

Unlike most online courses, we set homework and it's marked by real people! Best of all, you can submit it at a time that’s right for you, rather than on arbitrary deadlines. We know that life gets in the way sometimes!

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Self-study materials

On top of the audio course and coursework components, Breaking into Journalism contains worksheets, transcripts and a community discussion forums, so you can review whenever you have a moment.

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Course Curriculum

Unit 1 - Setting up for success

In this module, you'll learn about the simple life changes that dramatically increase your chances of success in building your dream journalism career.

  • Set up a workspace that will provide you with a mindful space where the words flow, whether that’s in your den or in a café

  • Set up a home routine that will ensure you have time to dedicate to your new craft

  • Understand what professional equipment you’ll need to go about life as a writer - and what you can do without

  • Identify the common issues that most freelancers struggle with so you can meet them head-on

Unit 1

How to get set up for success

Unit 2

Generating great story ideas

Unit 3

How to send pitches that sell

Unit 4

Brand me a journalist

Unit 5

Breaking into a profitable niche

Course Bonus One Premium (worth $144)

As part of this course, you'll be building a portfolio that will win you more work and make your friends (and enemies!) green with envy. And what better way to start than with a free premium portfolio for one year, worth $144?

Course Bonus Two

Perfect Pitches Ebook (worth $99)

Our compendium of example pitches is the best insight you'll ever get into what works when you're starting out as a freelancer. Featuring winning query letters in multiple genres, this book will service as structure and inspiration for your own pitches and 10x your chances of success.

Course Bonus Three

Done-for-you pitch (worth $149)

Written by award-winning freelance journalist and Guardian lecturer Lauren Razavi, this pitch structure has won her freelance work over and over again. Customize it to your own needs and fire it off without a second thought!

100% Risk Free Guarantee

We get it. Sometimes online courses aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you just don’t click - and that’s our fault, not yours. So if you’ve completed the coursework and you change your mind in the first 30 days after ordering Breaking into Journalism, you can email us for your money back, no questions asked.

Proof that Breaking into Journalism can help everybody.

Don’t just take our word for it

Testimonial marks

Never been easier to become a freelance journalist!

This course is inspirational for new journalists wanting to find out how to build a career as freelancers, and it also has excellent and very practical tips for experienced journalists. It has never been easier to become a freelance journalist.

– Adele Ward

Adele ward

Adele Ward

Emma mcfarland

Emma McFarland

Nicholas maze

Nicholas Maze

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Meet your faculty

Kim brixton

Kim Brixton

Course narrator Kim Brixton is a Michigan-based broadcasting veteran with over 20 years experience

Lauren razavi

Lauren Razavi

Lauren Razavi is an award-winning freelance journalist and contributor to the Washington Post, the Guardian, VICE and others

Katie leimkuehler

Katie Leimkuehler

Katie Leimkuehler is a social media professor at the University of Denver and a former Chicago Tribune journalist

Nicholas holmes

Nicholas Holmes

Nicholas Holmes is the founder of journalism website, featured in the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and more

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A note from Nicholas

Got talent? So has everybody else. It's what you do with it that counts.

I'm Nicholas Holmes, a former freelance journalist and now the founder of, the virtual home of journalists from around the world.

For the last half a decade I've dedicated my life to helping people get into and succeed in journalism, and I've been featured by CNN and the New York Times along the way.

It may sound counterintuitive, but if you can write, the secret to getting your first break in journalism is rarely about skills.

Instead, it’s about knowing the strategies and tactics that those inside the business have already learned – and that’s what this course is all about.

You’ll benefit from our decades of combined experience in journalism, and at the end of the course, you'll feel confident enough to start building your own fulfilling and self-sustaining career in freelance journalism.

Breaking into Journalism is one of the only online courses that includes coursework marked by real humans (!) and feedback from experts.

What are you waiting for?

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